Regione Piemonte

Civil Protection of Tigliole

Address: Piazza Vittoria, 3, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 667003

Voluntary association.

Mainly deals with prevention and restoration following disasters in the municipal territory of belonging.

Uncover reception areas

Sport facilities - Pratomorone Hamlet

Sport facilities - San Lorenzo Locality

Cover reception areas

Tigliole Primary School - Via Pratomorone 108

Parish Hall - Via Umberto I

Regina Chiappello Maternal School - Strada Bricchetto

Deposits or stores

Municipal warehouse – Strada Pocola 93

Waiting areas

Town Hall Square

Piazza Chiappello - Pratomorone

Staging areas for rescue personnel

Large Square Calvini Location in front of H.D.S.

Useful and emergency numbers