Tigliole Town Hall

Address: Piazza Vittoria, 3, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 667003
Email: tigliole@comune.tigliole.at.it
Email: tigliole@cert.ruparpiemonte.it
Opening time:
Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday: from 9.00 to 12.00

Closed to the public on Wednesday and Friday

• Presentation

The territory of the Municipality of Tigliole is among the largest in the province of Asti in relation to the resident population.

Located southwest of Asti, it is divided into three main centers (concentric, San Carlo and Pratomorone) and a considerable number of localities.

The presence of handicraft activities is more than discrete, while in the agricultural sector there are valid cattle breeding.

• The municipal palace

The site where the Town Hall stands today was once the seat of the town's fortress.

Sheltered from its walls, the inhabitants found protection in case of sieges.

This construction was destroyed in 1553 by French soldiers and a second, smaller castle was built immediately by the Montafia family. At the end of the eighteenth century, now in ruins, it was sold to the community and towards the middle of the nineteenth century, paved the ancient hill, work began on the construction of today's Palazzo del Comune.

The contract for the construction of a new municipal house dates back to 1851; the project was drafted by THE engineer Destefanis of the Royal Corps of Civil Engineers of the Province of Asti and the works ended between 1854 and 1855.

The accompanying drafting of the project reads "... it is noted that the new building is now perfectly square in shape and almost equally adorned in its four facades because of its isolated position on the summit of a high hill where it is discovered in all senses at a great distance it will always present itself as a prospect, to those who approach the one isolated from all the roads, that give you communication ".

This is how the building that we observe today takes form, from the sober and harmonious neoclassical lines. The records show that there was a castle and that part of the bricks for the demolition of the old castle were used for the construction of the new building.

New works for the construction of a new ice-house are carried out in 1874/75. In the last century restoration work was carried out in the years 1930, 1948, 1953 and finally in 1955.

From the hill where once stood the castle, destroyed to make room for the town hall, it is possible to enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding hills.

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